Join the Hackathon @ Delivery of Things World

As part of the Delivery of Things conference, supported by Codecentric, we are organising a Hackathon, starting on the 23rd of April, also at the iconic KOSMOS Kino in the heart of former East-Berlin.

Team up with fellow developers and operations professionals to apply advanced DevOps practices to a number of real world challenges. Learn how to embrace a DevOps mind-set with regard to people, process and tools, and how to help your business deliver higher value faster to customers! You’ve got 24h for designing and hacking a prototype to present. Have a look at the information below, find out more on how you can get involved and win a prize of 3,000 €.

Hack the DevOps Workflow - Here is what you need to know:

  • Hackathon: The Hackathon will start on Sunday, April 23 at 2pm at the Kosmos cinema Berlin, which will have a dedicated area, giving you the chance to focus on developing your own product, tool or feature.
  • Session: You will have 24 hours to work your magic in teams. Coffee, food, drinks, pillows and blankets will be provided.
  • Presentation: Once the time is up, you and your team will have 2 hours to prepare for presenting your idea/project in front of the judges.
  • Live Voting: The top 3 teams will then be selected by the judges and they will engage in a live voting, where the audience will choose their favorite product presentation.
  • Prize: The winning team will get a prize of 3.000 €, offered by our official hackathon partner codecentric.


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Hackathon Partners

The Delivery of Things World Hackathon Partners are providing you with the software to hack and are putting together an amazing prize! Here is a list of who is helping us put DevOps in practice!

codecentric AG
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Jury Members


Ignacio Coloma
Solution Engineer Google Cloud Platform


Matthias Zieger

Who should join?

Not everybody can think outside the box or call him or herself a hacker. Can you?
Just to double-check, here is who should join the Hackathon and get a chance to take a great prize home! (and who knows, maybe a new job too)

Professional Hackers


Interface Designers

UX Specialists



I want to join!

  • "I've got a huge amount of new ideas, tips and tricks for our journey to continuous Delivery."
    Christian Seelheim, Barmenia

  • "Great place for networking and inspiration!"

    Markus Jansen, Ericsson

  • "Informative, inspiring, confirming. Great mix of inspirational keynotes, informative experience/stories and vendors."
    Andrea Hirzle-Yager, Allianz Deutschland

  • "Finally I have understood what I have to do to organise DevOps adoption in my company."

    Sergio Insalaco, Unipolsai Assicurazioni

  • "Inspiring!"

    Christopher Taylor, American Express

  • "A great collection of perspectives and advice which have given me many ideas to start organisational change!"

    Stephen Butler, Aviva Digital

  • "A very interesting conference, delivering value at a fast pace!"

    Thierry Coopman, Ingenico Financial Solutions SA

  • "Great! I have learnt, I have shared, I have enjoyed myself!"

    Norma Acevedo, Ericsson

  • "Cool event, good attendees, great speakers and sessions, sensationally well organized."

    Domenico Lorenzelli, Credit Suisse

  • "Well-chosen target audience, keynote speakers and business partners!"

    Ines Friedl, IBM

  • "Very professionally executed!"

    Adam Henriques, Praqma